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  • Smart Repeater SRZRPMNPWG1101

    Contact NowSmart Repeater SRZRPMNPWG1101SmartRoom Wireless RepeaterSmartRoom Wireless Repeater is a device which assists the gateway to expand the coverage area of ZigBee network. It is based on SmartRoom protocol, and it can strengthenRead More2015-11-30

  • Smart Repeater YJ YJZRPMNPWG1101

    Contact NowSmart Repeater YJ YJZRPMNPWG1101Wireless RepeaterWireless Repeater is used for assisting wireless gateway and expanding the ZigBee signal within the coverage area. The device can amplify the ZigBee signal so as to safeguard the smooRead More2015-11-30

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