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Wulian, the Leading Brand of Smart Home, Joins ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors


On March 11th (Beijing time), the Chinese leading IoT Company, Wulian, held press conference at Shanghai New International Expo Center, announcing that Wulian becomes the member of ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors at the ‘Promoter’ level. It is reported that Wulian is the twelfth member of the Board of Directors after Philips, Legrand, Schneider, etc. and becomes the only ZigBee Alliance Board member in Asia. Tobin Richardson, the President and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance, and Jungang Zhu, the President and Founder of Wulian, inaugurated and addressed the ceremony.

As a professional and global leading IoT company, Wulian provides sensors, controllers, and networking solutions for a number of industries, including smart home industry. After years of development, Wulian has become one of the companies with global influence. After joining the ZigBee Alliance Board, Wulian will further strengthen the R&D investment in ZigBee technology and take full advantage of Chinese market and Chinese enterprise to participate in formulating and improving the global IoT and smart home standards, so as to promote the development of IoT industry around the world.


At the press conference, Tobin Richardson said that it was truly a remarkable milestone for a Chinese enterprise joins the ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors, which not only provides important supports for the integration of smart home industry chain, improves the composition of industry of ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors, but also promotes the formulation of ZigBee global standards. “ZigBee Alliance and its members welcome Wulian to join the ZigBee Alliance and also become a member of the Board. And we are looking forward to a more critical role that Wulian will play in promoting the development of smart home industry and other fast-growing and emerging industries,” said Tobin Richardson.

At the press conference, an opening ceremony was held to announce that Wulian joined ZigBee Alliance as one of the twelfth members of the Board of Directors. After that, Jungang Zhu introduced the development history, business scope and future direction of Wulian, and stated that Wulian has made great contribution in the development and promotion of ZigBee technology in China and global market. “Wulian believes that ZigBee standards are the key to the growth of IoT, and we are eager to play an active role in development and application of these standards. This role as the ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors will allow us to promote the spread of ZigBee’s open, global standards around the world,” said Jungang Zhu.

Meanwhile, the media have raised a lot of questions about the rapid development of smart home industry. “How did Wulian stand out in the fierce competition of smart home industry and gain recognition by ZigBee Alliance?” Jungang Zhu replied that Smart Home will be of great importance for individuals and families in the future. Therefore, Wulian has made accurate market orientation and built a strong R&D team. Besides, based on the global visions, Wulian is dedicated to sustainable innovation and perfection and strives to expand the domestic and overseas market with high-quality products.


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