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Welcome to Experience Wulian Smart Home

We are in a transformational age with changes happened in social, economic and family structure.  Meanwhile, the development and advancement in information technology also drive people to set higher standards for more comfortable, convenient and efficient family life.


More and more families require for high quality smart home products, which is not only smart but also simple and convenient for use. Now, with Wulian ZigBee wireless smart home solutions, intelligent life can never be so easy. You can control your world with the following functions:

Remote Control: You can control the switches remotely through your smart phone, tablet and other mobile smart terminals.

Scene Control: You can customize multiple scene modes on Client App, and easily control the switches of the whole house from your fingertips.

Linkage Control: There is a linkage relationship between smart home devices and you can choose the target devices to make joint performance according to your actual needs,building your own personalized smart home system. 

Timing Control: You can set a variety of timings according to your daily life tempo.

As the only one company in the world that can manufacture a whole set of ZigBee smart home products and provide smart home solutions, Wulian Smart Home warmly invites you to experience our ZigBee smart home solutions at our local demo room in our worldwide authorized distributing agents.

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