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The Indian Market of Wulian Smart Home

India, as a potential market advocating the development of technologies all over country, brings thousands of local companies with the most advanced and updated technologies into Indian market.

In the smart home industry, there are brands that have already entered into Indian market for some years with KNX, BUS, WiFi technologies. And now ZigBee smart home technology is sweeping all over India market, and Wulian ZigBee smart home also did a good job in the India market.

Wulian wireless ZigBee LAN gateway consider the real situation of India Internet, and the R&D team in Wulian made joint effort in the process and made the deadline in the end of 2012. Now, the products have gained a perfect marketing feedback from all Wulian distributors and dealers. The Indian distributors expressed their gratitude to Wulian and showed their confidence in the marketing competitions.

Easy Installation and Simple Operation

Wulian is the only company in the world that is capable to supply a whole set of ZigBee smart home products and solutions. Everyone can DIY their own smart home space and experience the intelligent life. With easy installation and simple operation, it is even convenient for the use of young children and the elderly. Users can download the Client App and thus realize remote control through remote terminals like mobile phone, tablets and even apple watch.

Reasonable Prices and System Support for Distributor

Wulian also provides reasonable prices and the best support to the authorized distributor to make seamless cooperation, and cares for the needs of every distributor.   

 Sound R&D Support

With 55% R&D team members, Wulian keep the speed with 2 to 3 new products launch per months.

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