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Smart Home is Not Only for the Tech-Savvy or Wealthy

In the past the term “smart home” sounds to be the priority for the wealthy and tech addicted persons, and it often remind the public the pictures of luxury residences.

Recently, the topic becomes more and more popular with wide public attention and concern. People pay attention to the functions and benefits of smart home products. Accommodating your home with smart home appliances can not only enhance the level of lifestyle, but also enables users to truly experience the changes and convenience brought by high-tech. In the meantime, as the cost of resource continues to rise and the price of electronic products continue to fall, home automation proves to be more and more cost effective with low energy consumption and eco-friendly.


With all the statement above, what kind of benefits can be brought to the common families? Here are various intelligent home appliances available for your home. Wulian wireless wall switch is used to replace your old light switches for remote controls. You can even run your television or security system from it. Wulian products adopting the ZigBee wireless conmmunication technology and thus save costs in wiring and manual labor. Moreover, the monitoring and controlling devices in smart home can also save electricity through the application of IR motion detecting.

Nowadays, it is definitely that smart home technology is no longer for the affluent or tech-savvy, older generations are adopting certain types of smart home technology. The most popular type of smart home technology for common family is smart entertainment; for example, people use smart TVs and speaker system to fully enjoy home life, and family also rely on smart home technology through the installation of smart security and smart temperature products. 

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