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Select Systematic Products or Individual Ones to Create Your Personalized Intelligent Space ?

At present, the products in smart home has roughly been divided into two categories: the individual products and systematic products. Individual products means users can choose whatever items they need to control them one by one; whereas, systematic products means different kinds of products are selected to form a mart home system and thus users can fully experience the convenience brought by smart home. Thus for the companies dedicating to providing smart home products, how to pave the way for the upcoming market is a critical question.  


In the IoT market, companies featured by single products have existed for a long time and representatives of single products companies like Google's renowned Nest, has unique development ideas and products. Also, catering for the needs of every client, Wulian enables clients to choose whatever items they need and allow clients to experience personalized service and smart home experience.


Manufacturers who take systematic development path are focusing on the development of intelligent home systems and aims to create ecological chain of buildings, and meanwhile to create a full range of integrated smart home system according to the actual needs of users. Systematic products cover the needs of more users, and it improves the quality of family living. Wulian product series can cooperate together to make a joint performance and the advantages of Wulian system can be presented in four ways: Timing Control; Scene Control; Remote Control; Linkage Control.



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