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"Dream Flower" Smart Vase

With its stylish, elegant design and multi-functional features, the "Dream Flower" Smart Vase is the star among Wulian products. Getting from the inspiration of Chinese traditional porcelain vase, the body of the vase adopts double-shot molding craft with white color, and through aluminum alloy oxidation technique, the vase base is in golden color to vividly present the product texture.


Working as a comprehensive environment detector, the smart vase provides a stable signal when connected to dual-band WiFi and displays the levels of PM 2.5, CO2, VOC gases and noise by intelligent interaction.


The smart vase can also function as a gateway and through linkage with other smart home devices, it can construct the system of smart home. Moreover, it supports voice broadcasting and also boasts 16 million colors lighting with four lighting modes of Soft Moonlight, Dream Lavender, Far Ocean, and Mist Forest. Some other functions are also included in the vase such as web radio, hard disk storage, and that’s why it is called multifunctional.


By the way, it can really work as a vase, and users can arrange their favorite flowers in it. 

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