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Smart home pain point you know it

A variety of new smart home of cool ideas and product range. What kind of smart home it really is consumers really want? What kind of smart home technology can be in real life comes, bring us intelligent and convenience? Those sore point on the intelligent home, you know?

A pain point, technological innovation and Thinking Innovation

As technology products continue to function overlay, after upgrading, our target audience worth thinking about this question: technological progress brought them what I think, in addition to a sharp explosion of information, constantly changing new experiences, new products shown? In addition, it is desperate brain cells. In addition, science and technology to our lives did not really address the real sore point, as Google Glass is terminated into the market. Although numerous intelligent enterprise product great gimmick but ultimately can not escape the fate of collapse. Product survival is only one truth, what you can bring to consumers?

Scientific and technological innovation, needs to be more focus on the user, the real essence from the user requirements, design products, the application of technology to the life science and technology rather than the service itself. This is the real user thinking. We continue to practice only in the process of pondering and testing, in order to explore a more simple and convenient smart lifestyle.

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