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Smart home development must be "people-oriented"

In this brand are talking about smart home networking era, there are a lot of new smart devices began to enter people's homes, life seems full sense of science and technology seen those movies has come. But the real "smart home" How far away from us in the end it?

In recent years, smart phones beginning with intelligent software and hardware wars were unusually intense, hence the rise of a few companies, but more of a nobody. The name of the smart concept of traditional digital products intelligent TV, curtains, sound, etc. have emerged; one should live in all equipment needed, it does not seem as a "smart" word, it lost its meaning of existence and survival in the competition space. Apart from some well-known brands such as millet iterative update their products, will be upgraded to the smart TV, router, hand outside the ring; emerging enterprises are springing up general development and innovation.

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