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Prediction smart home or third of the world

In the field of intelligent home, Google force earlier, but the project will die in the experimental stage, and then turned to the acquisition of Google shortcuts. In January 2014, to $ 3.2 billion Google acquisition heavily flagship smart thermostats and smoke detectors Nest, thus cut into the field of intelligent home. Build smart home ecosystem control center, perhaps Google are willing to spend lots of money to acquire the main reason Nest.

After Nest, Google has acquired a series of cloud-based control equipment company home monitoring and smart home company Dropcam central Revolv. Dropcam camera now has leapt on the Amazon sales of similar products first. According to data released its July 2013, 39% of users will buy $ 9.95 monthly fee or annual fee of $ 99 video storage service that can automatically save all the content for the user to shoot past 7 days. The Revolv is involved Nest open plan "Works with Nest". With the support and assistance of colleagues Gangster, Nest breath at the end of 2014 the release of four products, including an indoor automatic thermostats, two network surveillance cameras and a smoke alarm. Google to build Nest-based smart home ecosystem purpose is self-evident.

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