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Obstacles encountered in the United States of smart home development

Mass-market adoption of smart home there are obstacles: the high equipment prices, limited consumer demand and long equipment replacement cycle. However, the biggest obstacle is the technology division of smart home ecosystem, consumers need multiple network devices and applications in order to establish and run their own smart home system.

BI Intelligence published a report analyzing the barriers to America's current consumer demand and hinder smart home smart home has been widely adopted. Some of the main points in the report:

1. smart home devices become more popular is the United States. Our definition of smart home is the home networking device that can remotely monitor or control, having a non-independent calculation of the main functions of the device. In one family, a plurality of smart home devices form the basis of a smart home ecosystem.

2. Currently, the US market as a whole in a smart home technology adoption curve "gap" in the. This "gap" is the critical stage of early adopters and the mass market stage by stage between, manufacturers need to prove at this stage in their equipment that people need.

3. High price, limited consumer demand and longer equipment replacement cycle, these are the main obstacles to prevent the smart home market from the early stages of mass market adoption by the stage direction. For example, the mass market consumers may wait until their equipment is broken before replacement. Again, consumers between networked devices and non-networked devices compared to weigh whether it is worth paying a higher price for networking equipment.

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