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Internet and in the field of intelligent home appliance giant moves frequently

Now it seems, smart home smart home platform competition has been towards the promotion of intelligence from a single product, is gradually formed the concept of interconnected systems. Domestic Internet, in the field of intelligent home appliance giant moves frequently, millet, Baidu, Midea and Haier and other companies have introduced smart home-related products, Alibaba also at the end of September and the shift of Things to cooperate together to carry out the depth of smart home projects. Gradual landing smart home platform, suggesting the industry will usher in a new round of tide.

From now, the smart home has many exhibitions subdivision direction, from the initial smart appliances to smart accessories, and then to the whole family of intelligent products, non-electronic domestic enterprises have gradually entered the market, smart home platform has grown from the original simple control data to data on the health, physical parameter monitoring and user experience summary, or even user scenario analysis and judgment.

From a historical perspective, the pace of development of intelligent single product is much faster than the smart home system, appear as a more powerful platform, the smart home system growth is expected to exceed a single product in the coming years. Smart home system can provide all aspects of family life solutions, intelligent compared to a single product to address the needs of a particular aspect seems to better meet users and enhance user stickiness.

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